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Jireh Billings

Design / Consulting

ANC offers audiovisual consulting, planning, and designing of LED display systems, providing our clients with hands-on executive strategy, product recommendations, and customizations, as well as comprehensive venue renderings/visualization designs. Whether the space is existing or planned, our team of designers will help you realize your vision through a full-service design process that ensures the experience is both achievable —and unforgettable.

  • Site Survey/Walk-throughs
  • Environment Considerations
  • Property Strategy
  • Viewing Analysis: Brightness, Distance, Angles
  • Conceptual Design
  • Product Design & Development
  • Technical Drawings
  • Product Comparison Analysis
  • Full Venue 3D Visualization
  • 2D Photo & Video Mockups
  • Marketing & Sales Support
  • Content Prototyping

Project Management

Our Projects Team delivers deep technical  audiovisual sourcing and integration expertise across a variety of video display hardware, interactive applications, sound systems, broadcast systems and lighting technologies. Our partners look to us as a trusted single-source solution for the turnkey execution of any multimedia objective with a history of delivering budget and on time.

  • Seamless Audiovisual Sourcing and Integration
  • Hands-On Executive Oversight
  • Multiple Proven A/V Manufacturer Partners
  • Standard and Custom Large-format LED systems
  • Leading Project Managers
  • Nationwide Technicians
  • Supporting Venue Services

products & manufacturers

ANC has a history of relationships and successful deployments with multiple proven manufacturers across video displays, broadcast systems, sound, and lighting hardware, allowing us to choose the best solutions for each individual project objective and budget —period.

  • All-In-One Products
  • Custom System Solutions
  • LED Display Systems
  • LCD Display Systems
  • Digital Kiosks
  • IPTV systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom Technologies & Systems
  • Broadcast & Video Production
  • Audio Systems
  • Indoor & Outdoor Scoreboards
  • Courtside Tables & Stanchions
  • Digital Media Glass
  • Scoring & Timing Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • 3D Projection