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LiveSync Venue Software Control

Serving as the nerve center of your venue, our award-winning LiveSync operating software solutions can synchronize and drive all aspects of your live or scheduled experience better than any other platform on the market.

ANC live event and venue software delivers a centralized media hub that manages digital signage and display content at events, venues and places of all sizes and functions. Our software is designed to be the heart of the content management system with the ability to offer both live production and automation in the same interface. We employ the latest IP-enabled software technologies which make our solutions perfect for our partners’ ever evolving delivery needs and negate the outdated and costly reliance on hardware-based solutions.

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LiveSync enables our partners to manage all video displays throughout the space, both interior and exterior, in complete frame-sync as one dynamic canvas either locally or in the cloud. LiveSync includes on-demand content changes, 24/7 scheduling and monitoring, live video integration, dynamic messaging, real-time data feeds, emergency messaging, and the versatility to switch to a fully live-triggered control system for events.

Previously the vSOFT™ platform, our award-winning LiveSync software, presents a user-friendly timeline-based interface for operating events, live content editing, and the integration of complex sports scoring and other real-time data feeds including social media. The flexible system enables the seamless integration of other technologies which enables custom-built solutions such as robust IPTV platforms to deliver complete venue synchronization.

Wells Fargo Center IPTV systems throughout the concourses, suites, and clubs.

Software solutions:
  • Environmental media hub
  • Ease of use doing complicated tasks
  • Connect and synchronize diverse technologies
  • Timeline and List modes to help create events in time and with screen Sync
  • Smart media handling and backups are automatic on all systems
  • Tight interface that can be programmed to allow a user to only see the modules they are using
  • Web interface that works on all platforms

Automated & live triggering:
  • Best-in-class live content triggering
  • Scheduled automation in unified interface
  • Complete control in venue and events

Broadcast backend:
  • 16 channel virtual internal switcher on each server
  • Full source, preview and effect channels
  • Audio normalization
  • Native streaming
  • Direct distribution to any web-connected destination
  • Unlimited preview channels showing live data
  • Creation of live graphics with live data on the fly based on industry standard, readily accessible technologies

Streams & power:
  • Streaming engines support IP protocols including NDI and others including SMPTE 2110
  • Streaming and Codec active support to enable new standards on the fly
  • We convert our active output content on any display into a stream for distribution.
  • Modules designed for easy updates including software and codecs
  • No transcoding required for format changes
  • Decode module syncs instantly to built-in sync servers
  • Software reduces costs, increases flexibility, and provides a future-proof solution

Live video broadcast graphics:
  • After Effects files render directly in interface using built in virtual switcher
  • Ability to insert live stats, including game clocks
  • Real-time render of animations provides instant refresh of live data
  • Routine graphics easily modified for freshness
  • All graphics and content created, modified and managed in unified environment
  • More time for production, less for set up

Security & protection:
  • Live stream encapsulation in proprietary security system
  • Best-in-class venue and event protection
  • Working constantly to reduce exposure points to cyber-attacks