CASE STUDY: Golf & PGA Partnerships

September 24, 2021
ANC has spent years perfecting our golf partnerships to create an experience unlike any other for each spectator - Whether on site or watching on television.
Each golf tournament has its own character and unique appeal. ANC harnesses these unique qualities to strategize how the LED screens are designed, how the content is created and delivered, and, ultimately, how the content should connect with each die-hard enthusiast.

We provide our Golf Partners with the ANC LiveSync platform. This platform allows for different content zones to be set up and displayed quickly. The modular based system reduces failure rates by not relying on one central location. During events, the system can be controlled either automatically or on demand based on what is happening at the event.

The online architecture ties together scoring, displays, security, and kiosks into one comprehensive reportable event and visual content experience. Content can be changed by variables that occur during an event, such as a 325 ft drive initiating the screens to transition to"325 ft Drive" with the Callaway logo. The variables can be integrated with ShotLink or other feeds to automatically launch this type of content for moments such as a Birdie, or can be updated in real-time manually.

The system is designed so that if the signal to the master control is lost, the displays themselves will continue to display a designated piece of content (i.e.: PGA of America Logo, etc.) until the signal can be restored.

This simple to use platform provides real-time content auditing, enabling tour golf partners to provide their sponsors with up to the minute results of exposure time with servers and equipment will range from laptops to mini servers depending on the complexity of the event.


Whether the goal is powerful and immersive creative concepts or high impact brand activation, ANC Studios focuses on turning unique digital display canvases into engaging art.

Our team of in-house designers specialize in the development and implementation of positioning, branding, integrated digital marketing, and promotion strategies for some of the worlds most recognized brands. Our content can be found on interior and exterior displays experienced by millions of people every day.

Beginning with brand discovery meetings to identify content objectives and brand messaging, we collaborate with your team to deliver content that will transform the day-of experience for your fans and your sponsors.

For most golf clients, our designers produce concepts and proofs within 14 business days, with revisions in 3-5 business days. However, our studio and designated client service reps offers 24-7-365 Support, Weekend In-Studio Staff, and ramped up 24 hour turnarounds options.

Your dedicated Account Manager coordinates and manages your process and graphic requests from the start to in-venue delivery. Including quality assurance throughout process. Our new state-of-the-art secure online ANC Workspace offers our clients complete transparent access to process and ease of use with reviews, revisions, & sign-off.

Just like ANC operates over 10,000+ events a year, we will also manage the trafficking process and the secure file storage of your content, inducing delivery of files via ftp to the event location or venue, options for on-site operations, and client protected storage redundancies and server archives locally at ANC's headquarters in NY.

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