Utilizing Casino Data in Digital Technology

April 25, 2022

With the 2018 Supreme Court ruling overturning the ban on sports betting, many states have legalized sports betting or are in the process of legalizing it. Consequently, the sports betting industry has exploded, with sports gambling companies making four billion dollars in 2021.

Casinos are testing the multi-billion-dollar industry waters by opening new sportsbook gaming hubs for people to gather, watch the game, and bet in person. With the popularity of mobile sportsbook apps, premium sports bars have also become the new hot spot for sportsbook gaming and gambling.

ANC is at the forefront of video, audio, and lighting technologies for casinos, sportsbooks, and premium bars. We’ve implemented these technologies at high-profile sports bars, sportsbooks, and casinos, including Dodger Stadium, Wells Fargo Center, and WinStar World Casino and Resort, the largest casino in the world.

So, should you plan on utilizing the most innovative digital technology for your casino, sportsbook gaming hub, or premium bar? Read on.

Upgrade Your Software System

Casinos often use different software programs to handle various aspects of the business, such as security, loyalty, and content management systems (CMS).

ANC can simplify these processes by combining these programs into one fully integrated and encrypted control platform. Our LiveSync venue software provides clients with a centralized media hub that manages all digital signages and displays within your venue.

You can connect your software to your digital signs and displays via Wi-Fi, fiber, ethernet, mobile LTE, or 5G Wi-Fi, consolidating all your systems into one local network. Connecting your screens and software allows you unparalleled access to your equipment.

LiveSync is designed to work with your CMS and can handle live production and automation. Your collected data will help you further automate your systems and improve communication between customers and operators. The more data collected, the smarter the system gets, which allows it to deliver more targeted content.

Turn Data into Content

To cash in on everything that sportsbook gaming has to offer, you need to effectively collect data and turn that data into dynamic, interactive content. Actionable data is the key to success.

Casino patrons provide a wealth of data, from their activity on the gaming floor to their loyalty program profiles. ANC can help your casino leverage data collected from security and loyalty programs to create compelling content for your screens. By collecting information on each customer’s preferences, you can create enticing content that will encourage spending.

Our services make it easier for you to collect data and utilize that information by turning it into engaging, compelling content for your venue.

Update Displays Easily

Screens used to be static; they would serve one specific function but nothing else. Modern casino software systems and displays should be linked and work together. That’s why ANC has reimagined how casinos and sportsbooks use screens.

We make it easy to change the content you share. Our digital systems connect and communicate with every surface and screen of your casino, sending information back and forth between them. Content goes out, and data comes in.

With ANC and our LiveSync venue software, you’re able to manage all digital signs and displays and implement last-minute redesigns or update information based on real-time data. This software includes on-demand content changes, 24/7 scheduling and monitoring, emergency messaging, and more. Adjust the atmosphere by changing your displayed content quickly and conveniently based on external triggers and real-time events, creating a unique experience.

For example, our VERSA portable LED display systems can be used in conjunction with other screens and displays, including mobile displays. Best of all, VERSA’s system knows how to handle different screen configurations and aspect ratios and will automatically adjust the content to fit. These displays can help you run large, content-heavy events efficiently and easily.

ANC helps you quickly create and update display content for use within your casino.

Upgrade Your Casino or Premium Sports Bar

Sportsbook gaming is growing, helping bring the gambling industry revenue to an all-time high. 2021 saw a 165 percent increase in sportsbook gambling compared to 2020, which will only continue to rise.

Are you ready to go all-in? Upgrade your casino or premium sports bar with ANC. Learn more about our work on sportsbooks and premium bars, or contact ANC today to schedule a free consultation.

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