VERSA Portable LED Display Systems

Anyone and everywhere can now benefit from immersive displays

Able to be used in conjunction with other sport or live event activations, or for other applications across other public places, mobile display options can be deployed

to provide other forms of information and content.

Activation Locations:

  • Open-Air & Indoor Retail
  • Dining Locations
  • College Campuses
  • Attractions

Featured Content:

  • Live or Other Video
  • Information & Messaging
  • Directional Wayfinding
  • Brand & Sponsor Activations

Physical Dimensions:

  • Full: Indoor 8’11” H x 13.1’ W
  • Full: Outdoor 9’1” H x 13.1’ W
  • Panel: Indoor 8’11” H x 3.3’ W
  • Panel: Outdoor 9’1” H x 3.3’ W

Full Pixel Dimensions:

  • Indoor 2.6mm: 864 H x 1536 W
  • 864 H x 384 W x per panel
  • Outdoor 3.9mm: 576 H x 1024 W
  • 576 H x 256 W per panel

Download Details + Specs

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how the VERSA display system may be the perfect fit for your next design and project!


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