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Featuring the World’s First 4K US Patented Multi-Directional Kinetic Center-Hung Scoreboard Display

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In 2019 Comcast Spectacor, ANC and TAIT partnered to design and create the world’s first-ever 4K kinetic center-hung entertainment system (U.S.Patent No. D928,876: Multi-Directional Display) at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. The culmination of ANC’s expertise in experiential design and technology implementation with TAIT’s creative engineering and manufacturing features an unprecedented ability to transform, expand and compress in under 40 seconds, splashing the action across more than 40 million pixels creating an entirely unrivalled fan experience.

Throughout our 16-year partnership, Wells Fargo Center and ANC have developed one of the most immersive and technologically advanced venues in the country. With more than 26,400 square feet of LED technology, the Wells Fargo Center presents a fully immersive fan experience. ANC outfitted over 60 LED displays for the venue including fascia, immersive LED concourses, outdoor LED displays, highway-facing billboards, and team store technology.

In addition to the impactful large-scale LED displays throughout the venue, ANC has installed more than 800 LCD displays and digital menus with a proprietary content management and IPTV system integration that blends the in-bowl excitement with the concourse experience.

All the Wells Fargo Center LCD’s are networked through the IPTV which are a part of the suites, concessions, concourse entertainment, club bars and lounges and other Arena locations controlled with ANC’s LiveSync live event platform. This creates the unique availability to transition the entire network to one piece of takeover content, before zoning back to their individual games, menus, etc.


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U.S. Patent No. D928,876: Multi-Directional Display
Comcast Spectacor is proud to highlight the next phase of the Wells Fargo Center’s transformation with the first Kinetic 4K center-hung ever to be installed in a professional sports venue. Together with technology partners like ANC and Comcast, the Wells Fargo Center continues to innovate and further our commitment to be the most technologically advanced arena in the world.”
Valerie Camillo, President of Business Operations
Philadelphia Flyers and Wells Fargo Center
Expanded TV Visible Signage for 2020-21 Limited Attendance Season
The Sports Lounge
Photo credit: Wells Fargo Center U.S. Patent No. D928,876: Multi-Directional Display
Century City Club
Complete venue IPTV integration
Photo credit: Wells Fargo Center U.S. Patent No. D928,876: Multi-Directional Display
The Rivers Casino Philadelphia Sports Lounge
Photo credit: Wells Fargo Center U.S. Patent No. D928,876: Multi-Directional Display
U.S. Patent No. D928,876: Multi-Directional Display
U.S. Patent No. D928,876: Multi-Directional Display
Complete venue IPTV integration
Complete venue IPTV integration
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