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Part of an extensive renovation project of all the digital media technologies and previous content management systems within 30 Rockefeller Plaza, ANC and NBC Universal’s multi-year agreement transforms the experience for millions of visitors.

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ANC completed the LED install of video display upgrades as well as a full content management system upgrade to ANC’s state-of-the-art CMS, LiveSync, that provides content opportunities focused on dynamic media. The new LED video displays range from standard 16:9 layouts to custom designs with unique aspect ratios. In the Peacock Lounge, ANC installed (2) four-sided LED columns utilizing1.25mm fine pitch with (2) 3.937’ x 11.073’ display on each side. North and South 1.25 mm LED rotundas also wrap the mezzanine level with (2) 46.26’x 1.52’ large displays and 12.8’ x 4.98’ smaller displays, with the 7floor studio completing the display canvases with an additional 1.25 mm LED reception display (15.75’ x 4.43’).

In addition to the design and installation work, ANC is currently operating an in-depth SLA with NBCU that includes ANC’s proprietary control system. The LiveSync platform operates the new LED screens, the (28) existing LCD displays, and provides complete cloud control throughout the studio with a response time from ANC technical support of 8hours or less should it be needed.

The LiveSync control system platform was selected over several other competitive platforms due to its security levels, auto-failover capability, cloud-based web access and control from any device. Additionally, ANC worked to provide the newly added Quick Play feature so that guides can quickly change assets live across all displays throughout the venue from their tablet during a tour for a full content takeover in complete frame-sync with a single click. The deployment also consisted of a new feature developed to add tag management for dynamic media catalogs that drive a shuffled library of unique content throughout the entire studio. As a result, visitors are guaranteed a seamless content experience related to each specific show’s content catalog and a unique playlist from every location lending to a unique visitor experience in place of any repetitive content along the journey.

ANC worked directly with NBCU to migrate their existing media library into the new system retaining all previously tagged assets. As a part of this migration, the ANC Studios designers reviewed and manually scaled content up and down as needed to ensure a 1:1 resolution for the new LED video displays. In result, this allowed a smooth transition to the new CMS ensuring that all priority assets, existing and newly created content with the ANC Studios team, were available for go live seamlessly – Delivering a universally refreshed experience to ensure spectacular visual moments for the visitors.

ANC’s LiveSync software also dramatically reduced the overhead of the previously deployment by consolidating multiple CMS systems into one provider. NBCU now has access to control the full tour experience from one cloud interface on their preferred device with unique user profiles so that they have access to only what each individual user manages such as specific displays, particular show content libraries, or even brightness controls.