Case study

ANC Studios Showcase: Anamorphics

Anamorphic advertising creates optical illusions that create seemingly three dimensional interactivity between the content and the viewers from a specific perspective. 3D DOOH content makes images appear three-dimensional without filters or glasses. A combination of technological expertise and artistic design processes allows images to seemingly jump off flat surfaces when viewed from a certain vantage point.

ANC Studios knows our clients expect us to push the limits of design. The content examples here demonstrate a few opportunities for anamorphic content.

If you are interested in "breaks the fourth wall" and transforming your displays with 3D anamorphic content, let's start a conversation on how to best move forward:


ANC Studios' content can be found across iconic interiors and OOH displays, creating immersive experiences for millions of people every day. Find out how our 2D and 3D graphics can create memorable experiences for your destination.

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