Moynihan Train Hall Serves as a Model for Speech Intelligibility

February 25, 2021

Partnering with Empire State Development Corporation, ANC’s role as lead AV integrator in the project has created a digital media network aimed at improving passenger connectivity and comfort. In large part due to ANC's LiveSync software control platform integration.

ANC completed its work in two phases. Phase I featured deployment of more than 1,700 square feet of 4mm LED throughout the train hall. It includes detailed travel information digital screens in a range of sizes; LCD PIDs kiosks; and a unique trapezoid-shaped display in the north entrance stairwell.

Ceiling box screens alongside glass lighting fins in the east bay simulate the sky. The displays have live video capabilities and regularly feature important updates for passengers, along with NY-centric visuals to promote travel and create a more relaxing commuter environment.

Phase II deployment integrated 150 assets, including LCD and fine-pitch LED displays unique to national transit stations to ensure a variety of passenger information from multiple transit entities are easy to find.

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