Joseph began his career in customer service and, over ten years later, has expanded his experience to sales and business operations. This experience grants him a uniquely varied perspective and understanding of the many different functions that form the basis of the industry. 

He joined ANC in 2012 as a client services account executive, eventually heading up the client services team.  After seven years in client services, he transitioned to the sales team, taking on the Vice President of Business Development role, and helped extend ANC’s relationships with key partners such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and Indiana Pacers. Joseph then became the Vice President of Service Operations, leading the Venue Solutions, Technical Support, and Field Operations department. 

At the start of 2022, C10 Media, founded by Jerry Cifarelli, Jr.,  had established its position as a leader in the industry, and Joseph joined the company as its COO with the goal of expanding C10’s operations. Following the January 2023 acquisition of ANC by C10, Joseph initially led the charge integrating the operations of the two firms, and he is once again elevating ANC’s operations to a bigger stage as the company grows and diversifies.