Case study

Westfield World Trade Center


Introduce the first large-scale digital media display network with careful consideration as not only a complex commuting hub but a significant cultural location for New Yorkers designed by iconic architect Santiago Calatrava.


Design and install an impressive modern large-scale digital media display network to the lower Manhattan destination that is customized to integrate seamlessly with the architectural design and fulfills the critical requirements of a high-traffic transit center and global visitor destination.

“It's about the length of a football field; it's absolutely insane. In my whole media career, I’ve never had such a canvas or platform where we could bring a show to life, ... versus having a static billboard or even a digital static billboard. This is full motion. You could charge people admission — it's that good!”

Kjerstin Beatty, Senior Vice President of Media
NBC Entertainment
ANC client since

Following a two-year design process and partnership with project architects, ANC deployed over 5,000 feet of LED technology throughout the iconic 16-acre Westfield World Trade Center. The project is highlighted by the customized East West Concourse 4mm centerpiece display, spanning 280 feet and seamlessly fitting into the expansive and stunning architectural corridor.

The unique digital canvas and its complementary displays throughout the complex can be driven independently or in full-sync across one another, utilizing ANC's state-of-the-art CMS, LiveSync, ongoing ANC Studios content creation, support technical services, and operations.