Catch Our CEO on the Latest Episode of the Wait...What? #sportsbiz podcast with Tim McGhee and David Paro

January 5, 2024

Inside the Episode

DP & McGhee kick off season 3 by welcoming Jerry Cifarelli, Jr., President & CEO of ANC, an industry-leading media and technology company, during their guest segment (beginning at the 35-minute point).

Jerry shares how his career began, including with the Fenway Sports Group, and how his sales background prepared him to drive ANC's successful turnkey single-source solution model where the people and our partners always come first.

Highlights from the episode:

"There's really only one out there, and that's ANC, that the staff that can do that across the country. So you have the ability to integrate, service, and maintain technologies within a venue, and then you have the ability to have your advertising team drive revenue back to your partner. Because that's the name of the game, right? It's always about driving revenue. That's what these teams want to see from these [integrations]. That's what we can help with.
And then our great partnerships. It's all about great partnerships, right? You gotta have great partnerships on the product side. You have to have great partnerships with your employees, you, and your people so that we're servicing appropriately. You gotta make sure that you know you're going above and beyond with the customer.
I always say that you never win a project or you never get a new customer without exceeding the expectations of your previous customer. Those are your best salespeople. Sports and entertainment is a sales business. And you can only sell things that you actually deliver on — what you're promising."
— Jerry Cifarelli, Jr., President & CEO of ANC

About Wait...What? #sportsbiz chat with DP & McGhee

Two sports marketing industry veterans, Tim McGhee and David Paro, tackle the issues facing the sports business from a unique perspective; sometimes irreverent, sometimes cynical, and sometimes serious. DP & McGhee cover current topics while also providing lessons from their careers as leaders on both the agency and client sides. Luminaries from the #sportsbiz will join the co-hosts to bring further insight to any and all major industry matters. You'll laugh, you'll learn and, on occasion, you'll ask, "Wait...What?"

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