Advertising Trends: NASCAR announces teams will be allowed to have LED signage

January 25, 2024
NASCAR announced in January that Cup Series teams will be allowed to have lighted, LED signage attached to their pit boxes. NASCAR Cup Series managing director Brad Moran personally likes its potential as well even if he knows working through some trial and error will be forthcoming when it debuts for the Daytona qualifying races.

As of now, the guidelines are not set in stone, but the measurement is expected to be 42 inches tall with the width being the length of the pit box. The sport will also mandate dimmer switches and no movement during green-flag competition.

“It’s also an opportunity for them to increase their sponsorship, something to sell to sponsors. For the highest level, we feel it’s a good opportunity for the teams to create some new income with it and give more back to their sponsors.” said Moran in an interview with USA Today Sports.
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