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At ANC, we work with Architects, Designers, and General Contractors to transform spaces into immersive experiences through the design, integration, and operation of digital media displays.

Whether for the sake of art, commerce, or both, our distinguished body of work includes many of the most significant visual systems across award-winning architectural, municipal, and commercial projects.

B R I N G   Y O U R   S P A C E   T O   L I F E


Pier 17 is part of the transformed South Street Seaport District, New York City’s Downtown destination with cutting-edge dining, shopping, & entertainment.

ANC worked directly with the project architects and were able to leverage their relationships with hardware providers to come up with new outdoor 4mm LED solutions that accomplished different goals.


1. Clean seamless look throughout the atrium

2. Custom designing and engineering the LED ribbon displays to fit the various angles and joints of the facades within the atrium

3. A column wrap that had a near seamless transition from face to face around the corner edge.

The building’s two-story atrium space,  the main entrance to the rooftop terrace, consists of an LED ceiling and three levels featuring ribbon displays. The displays are customized to fit the various heights and slants of each level’s unique façade, creating a new type of experience as consumers are engaged with eye-catching visuals as they move from floor to floor.

The unique column displays feature four flat sides which come seamlessly together at the corners without a gap, enabling content to transition from one column face to another without interruption.