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Driving an engaging fan experience while keeping attendees informed about essential information and plays as they circumnavigate the park.

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ANC was awarded the Polar Park project by the Worchester Red Sox, who worked with consultant WJHW to find qualified party, in December 2020. Polar Park will have high-technology, full-color videoboards in Left Field and Right-Center Field, as well as a large, traditional, electronic alphanumeric scoreboard on the Worcester Wall in Right Field, plus a pair of LED Matrix boards behind First and Third Base, all supplied and integrated by ANC.

The Right-Center Board, on the Flex Con Porch, is 11.5’ H x41’ W. During innings it will primarily be a “Pitchers Board,” focusing on the speed of pitch, type of pitch, and pitch count. Between innings it will often be a “Red Sox Board,” providing information about the parent club, including updates on games when played concurrently. The Left Field Board will 2020 be 40’ H x 70’ W down the left field line and will primarily focus on the hitter and lineups during innings of Worcester Red Sox games.

Keeping fans informed about essential game information as they circumnavigate the park, LED Color Matrix Boards behind First Base and Third Base will be 2.5’ H x 60’ W. Each will provide the count, score, inning and more. The club is also planning innovative interactive programming that will further connect fans to the players and to each other. The WooSox will use ANC’s proprietary scoring system that is also used throughout Major League Baseball.


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