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Revitalizing an everyday New York transit experience through seamless visual displays and creative content

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In 2014, ANC was selected to integrate a robust digital signage system and complementary operating platform for the revitalized downtown Fulton Center subway station, with the Lower Manhattan transit hub featuring more than 50 display locations highlighting wayfinding information, art and advertising.

Product and design recommendations, including customized protective enclosures for the unique transit environment LCDs, were made by ANC. Fulton Center’s digital media network features unique viewing experiences where commuters and tourists can see up to 20 LED and LCDS in one sight-line. ANC was challenged with creating an experience for this NYC destination that would integrate the content across all the visible displays in perfect frame sync.

ANC’s proprietary LiveSync control and content management system, offers precise sync across multiple technologies to create experiences like no other. The Fulton Center system is capable of scheduling content in sync as one unified canvas, as individual displays, or controlled in real time for live special events such as the New York City Opera takeover.


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“New York City always need to reinvent itself, and here we’re taking one of the hardest stations to traverse and we’re making it into one of the most beautiful and fun stations to traverse.”

Charles E. Schumer
United States Senator for New York
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