VERSA mini summary

Anyone and everywhere can now benefit from immersive displays

Able to be used in conjunction with other sport or live event activations, or for other applications across other public places, mobile display options can be deployed to provide other forms of information and content.

This free-standing product’s versatility allows for easy assembly and enables a variety of different configurations. The unit enables an unlimited number of panels to be strung together to form a standard 16:9, a single banner panel, or creative long canvas staggered or linked through hallways or corridors. Each panel can also fold electronically to shorten the height to approximately 5’ high for locations with height restrictions. Available in both indoor and outdoor models, the VERSA can be controlled through a mobile device and has been used to display sponsor activation, live video, video game tournaments, social media engagement, dynamic event themed content, real-time messaging and wayfinding purposes, among many other possibilities.

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