Outdoor Digital Displays To Enhance Your Events

November 24, 2020
Outdoor Digital Displays To Enhance Your Events

From virtual church to drive-in concerts, the limitations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked creativity in safety. 

And as our events have shifted more and more outward, our ways of curating an experience must shift as well. In many cases, these larger outdoor events require technological innovation to take them from plan B to extraordinary. 

In particular, outdoor digital displays have proved extremely versatile and effective in creating an exciting--yet safe--event experience. Here are a few ways outdoor digital display solutions can work to enhance events outside.

6 Examples of How To Use Outdoor Digital Displays

Drive-In Concerts

This past year, concert crowds slowly transformed from packed general admission and stadium seating to parking lots of cars. And while drive-in movies have been a longstanding tradition, the drive-in concert felt particularly different.

How can you mimic a live music experience when the audience is isolated? Is there a way to maintain the energy of a music venue when the fans are seated in trunks or behind a dashboard? Musicians and concert venues began turning to technology to ensure a fulfilling concert experience, even from a distance.

With this necessary distance comes the issue of visibility--why come to a live show if not to see your favorite artist in person? To bridge this gap, drive-in concerts utilize outdoor LED display screens – mobile display screens, LED trailers, etc. – to ensure each audience member is able to see the action onstage, no matter where they were located in the venue.

Bonus screens are used to show graphics and design to supplement the aesthetics of the shows, or project announcements to reach audience members quickly.

Outdoor Movies and Film Festivals

Outdoor movie screenings are incredible all-weather event options for everything from local community gatherings to larger scale film festivals.

Whether a high-capacity drive-in or smaller screening in a park, these events require the best displays to screen the films on. 

Outdoor movie screenings require specialty screens that work with natural light and unpredictable weather. That’s why most events opt for LED displays that are built to maintain visibility through light variations, as well as withstand weather conditions.

Outdoor Dining Experiences

Many fans are missing the community of live sports, so what better way to simulate it than outside with some food, drink, and fellow fans? Many restaurants operating under COVID-19 guidelines are opening up their patios to sports fans on game day using small- and large-scale video displays for all to enjoy the game. 

However, outdoor digital displays are not just for streaming concerts or sporting events, they’re also used on smaller scales to create ambiance. With restaurants operating on an outdoor dining on limited indoor capacity basis, locations can take advantage of screens to set a vibe for the meal or display information like menus, special items, table availability or entertainment. 

Outdoor Celebrations and Religious Services

While many celebratory events and religious gatherings have moved over to virtual video-services, others are hosting in outdoor spaces. Whether drive-in graduation services or in-person, outdoor religious events including regular or holiday mass, confirmations, and communions, the use of outdoor digital displays can greatly enhance the experience of these gatherings and help those at the events establish a sense of normalcy.

Across contexts, screens could be used to project speakers and information to larger distanced audiences.

Digital Art Displays

With museums closed or visiting numbers restricted, many people are itching to get their art fix elsewhere. With this in mind, many art shows have moved outside--allowing art-goers to view safely.

No matter the medium, digital screens can perfectly integrate into an outdoor gallery event--either as information hubs or acting as the art themselves. 

Luckily, the digital art medium is growing--and perfect for outdoor viewing. Diverse LED screen options are important for displaying various types of art in order to provide the best visual experience for viewers.

Digital Advertising Solutions

As many aspects of life and entertainment continue to be done virtually or via broadcast, digital signage is a renewed way to generate advertising dollars, and still build brand awareness and exposure for sponsors. As seen during the 2020 MLB season – and especially during the 2020 NBA season in Orlando, Florida (albeit indoor) – signage became an even more integral part of allowing sponsors to be seen by an increased broadcast viewership. Even beyond COVID-19, these outdoor applications can still be activated.

Outdoor Digital Display Solutions

At ANC, we aim to engineer the unforgettable. That means creating innovative, versatile displays to fit the needs of our clients--anywhere, on any scale. 

From creative content curation to same-day event operation, we’re here to bring your vision to life and reinvent the outdoor event experience.


Interested in creating your own outdoor experience? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know about your project by contacting us for more information.

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