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Dynamic Digital Media Network Creates Engaging and Informative Commuter Environment for the Nation’s Busiest Train Station - NYC's Penn Station

Gone is the overcrowded, unremarkable experience of the past – today’s environment is bright, welcoming, spacious and thoroughly innovative. Partnering with Empire State Development Corporation, ANC’s role as lead integrator in the multi-year project was to again create a dynamic digital media network aimed at improving passenger connectivity and comfort.

Our exclusive behind-the-scenes tour covered the integration of all the digital media technology including a range of sizes of LED displays from ANC's partner digiLED, multiple types of LCD screens, and more:

  • Over 1,700 square feet of high-impact 4mm LED displays
  • 1.5mm fine-pitch LED and other LCDs custom built to withstand harsh transit environmental factors
  • Unique trapezoid-shaped LED display
  • Ceiling box displays with glass lighting fins to simulate open sky in typically restricted commuter passageways
  • Over 140 Passenger Information Displays and LCD kiosks
  • All content, video, and real-time transit data from three different transit providers, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Long Island Rail Road and Amtrak driven by ANC's powerful proprietary LiveSync control system with contemporary transit templates from ANC Studios.

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“This significant project transformed a century-old building into a modern gateway that expands Penn Station and significantly enhances the traveler experience.”
-- New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochu

Engaging digital media canvases allow architects to design with technology that fits within the defined aesthetic and property owner objectives for commerce, art, information sharing or a combination of all the above. But what technologies are out there, and which ones are right for your specific project?

Whether fine-pitch LED, architectural-grade media glass, transparent OLED, LCD, or a custom mix of media, our display technology expertise and Live Webinar Courses provide the roadmap for the selection and integration of the right technology and application for your project. Referencing real-life case studies, the presenters provided an overview of why certain products were selected for high-profile digital deployments including an all-encompassing LED tunnel inside a sports arena, a dynamic retail banking environment, an historic New York transit hub renovation, and customized solutions for a multi-use commercial venue. 

ANC provides: Product quality + variety. Trusted integration + service. Turnkey solutions.



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