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Public places must become more compelling than what can be experienced at home or on our phones. Engaging spaces will draw in consumers, tenants and advertisers. While the experiential trend may already be largely understood in the industry, today’s digital media solutions are an especially effective, relevant, and powerful way to bring that new magic to existing and new places.

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Digital Technology Drives Experience...

There’s a science behind digital immersion, one that generates endorphins, memories, experiences, revenues, and the desire to return. Digital consumers expect constant and fantastic sensory engagement, and where they receive that fulfillment is where they develop their loyalty.

For example, in New York City, ANC created a digital canvas onto a 60-foot tall, open-air atrium for The Howard Hughes Company’s Pier 17 development in the South Street Seaport.

And Drives ROI...

ANC’s experience shows that a high-quality experience attracts advertisers and that investments in technology for advertising pays for itself well before its intended shelf life. ANC’s clients who have upgraded the quality of their technology investments have seen vast improvements in the marketability of their space.

Modern technology can not only draw consumers in, like at the Chase Bank Flagship Branch on Madison Avenue in New York City; it can keep them engaged and aware of brands through consistent touchpoints along their journey, like at the Westfield World Trade Center.


The Howard Hughes Company’s Pier 17
Westfield World Trade Center
Chase Bank Flagship Branch