Create a Next-Generation Retail Environment with quality display technologies, product variety, trusted integration and turnkey service.

Digital displays are important to the design of any modern center, but ultimately, a successful integration comes down to knowing your space. Engaging digital media technology can define the aesthetic and drive property owner objectives for commerce, art, information sharing or a combination of all the above. But what technologies are out there, and which ones are right for your specific project?

Whether fine-pitch LED, architectural-grade media glass, transparent OLED, LCD, or a custom mix of media, our display technology expertise will provide the roadmap for the selection and integration of the right technology and applications to create iconic retail real estate spaces. Our real-life case studies include selecting technology products for high-profile digital deployments including an all-encompassing LED tunnel inside a sports arena, a dynamic retail banking environment, a historic New York transit hub renovation, and customized solutions for a multi-use commercial venue. 

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ANC can provide:

  • A variety of product types and manufacturer relationships, recommending the best products for your specific project, taking into account cost and operating parameters.
  • An in-depth understanding of your project and goals, proposing a diverse, current and innovative technology solution from a wide network of resources to match your needs.
  • Turnkey services - our in-house team can also provide support for design, technical service and maintenance, and content production and scheduling.
  • On-shore integration and servicing - we have hundreds of LED integrators and service technicians across the country, and a 65,000 square-foot repair facility in Argyle, Texas.
Westfield World Trade Center

Pier 17, South Street Seaport District NYC
Fulton Center
Transparent, curved LED at Chase's Flagship NYC location