About this Course:
Expand Your Design Palette with Digital Media Technologies‍
1 AIA Learning Unit

Engaging digital media canvases allow architects to design with technology that fits within the defined aesthetic and property owner objectives for commerce, art, information sharing or a combination of all the above. But what technologies are out there, and which ones are right for your specific project?

Whether fine-pitch LED, architectural-grade media glass, transparent OLED, LCD, or a custom mix of media, our display technology expertise and Live Webinar Courses provide the roadmap for the selection and integration of the right technology and application for your project. Referencing real-life case studies, the presenters provided an overview of why certain products were selected for high-profile digital deployments including an all-encompassing LED tunnel inside a sports arena, a dynamic retail banking environment, an historic New York transit hub renovation, and customized solutions for a multi-use commercial venue. 

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Learning Objectives:

  • Review the latest digital media technologies, common applications and their specifications
  • Learn which types of technologies are best for different environments and project goals
  • Understand critical infrastructure requirements and other deployment considerations
  • Explain best practices and the importance of early planning when incorporating digital media canvases into designs

Flexible LED creating Cleveland's Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse Power Portal.
A South Korean building façade using architectural-grade LED glass.
Thin, fine pitch 1.5mm LED, 82’ W by 6.5’ H Curved Display at Dodgers Stadium
Thin, fine pitch 1.5mm LED at a Wells Fargo Center sports bar.
Transparent, curved LED at Chase's Flagship location in New York City.
Seamless LED Columns at Pier 17 South Street Seaport District, NYC
Transparent, curved LED at Chase's Flagship location, North Lobby.