"We could not have selected a better partner to transform our display system into one of the most visually impressive in all of sports. ANC shared our vision of enhancing the ballpark experience for all fans and has delivered with some of the most advanced technologies in all of baseball.”
-LON ROSEN | LOS ANGELES DODGERS Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer


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MAIN VIDEO SCREENS: 10MM - 24.15' H x 37.8' W

SCOREBOARD RIBBONS: 10MM – 6.30’ H x 69.92’ W

OUTFIELD WALL DISPLAYS: 20MM – 6.30’ H x 60.89’ W

RIBBON DISPLAYS: 20MM – 3.15’ H x 1121.26’ W

CONCOURSE DISPLAYS: 6MM – QTY 2 - 3.78' H x 11.97' W