vSOFT's New Auditing System Collects More Data Than Ever Before


From standard digital signage to spectacular displays. ANC's software is known throughout the industry for creating immersive experiences by synchronizing LED, LCD, and other venue technologies. The software is also know for its state of the art auditing system that relays exposure reports and action sequences to our partners. Auditing is vital when determining when and how many times content plays and the ability to troubleshoot issues in operations. Wanting to ensure our partners receive the best technology solutions in the industry, ANC has created a new advanced auditing system that will allow our partners access to more information than ever before. 

The new sytems is highlighted by the ability to fully control exposures, which now marks each piece of content that runs with a time stamp. The time stamps offer operartors the capability to track the number of times each piece of content ran and the ability to never lose track of what is happening in concerns to content. This information is invaluable to our partners, providing helpful data to advertisers and their partners running content on their digital screens. 

The new auditing system also offers a full audit reporter, which gives the user the ability to track every action in the system. Every action is then stored within the system and can be pulled out and replaced at any time. This is not only helpful to ANC partners, but to the ANC operations team that can replay actions or full programs in the system.